Welcome to the Opticians’ Forums! Students can ask for help from their future colleagues and seasoned opticians can lend their knowledge and expertise to students. Chat with your colleagues about current events, funny anecdotes, best practices, and the finer points of legislation. Before you continue using this site, please review the site rules below!

About the Forums

The Opticians’ Forums site is brought to you by the ACAO; we wanted to give you a place to discuss your profession with your colleagues. Having a social site specific to opticians will allow you to strengthen connections and make new friends inside your community, and as your association, we want to give you a new way to connect with your fellow opticians. 

Although this site is hosted by the ACAO, we do not have the resources to manage it outside of basic maintenance. If you would like to be a site moderator, please contact the office for information on how to participate in this capacity.


The rules for this site are mostly common sense.

1: Be courteous and professional.
Speak to each other in a courteous and professional manner, remembering that when you chat here, you are representing yourself as a health professional. Some forums are open for public view, and some are private for logged-in users only. That being said, although this is a social site for opticians, potentially anyone can register and view the private forums.

2: Never share personally identifying information.
We strongly encourage you to remember that this site is only as secure as we make it together. Never divulge any personally identifying information about patients, and do not include too many personally identifying details in your profile (ie: Don’t include your address, phone number, or other personal or sensitive details. Although we will maintain the site’s security to the best of our ability, we cannot guarantee the safety of sensitive information on a site like this). For more information, be sure to check the section below called “No Such Thing as Private.”

3: Use a strong password.
As stated above, the site is only as secure as we make it together. When you are making your account, please choose a strong password that is not easy for someone to guess. Weak passwords on multi-user sites are often to blame for unauthorized access. In a similar vein, we encourage you to change your password every so often so that you can maintain security.

4: No spam or advertising.
There’s a time and place for advertising your business or services, but this forum is made for discussion and advice, not for sales. Please do not use this site to promote your business or retail location, unless it is pertinent to the discussion (ie: If someone asks who sells specialty frames in a specific area, you can mention your stock to help them find what they need.)

It should go without saying that spamming (ie: posting the same thing over and over, usually for advertising purposes) is against the rules. The site is set up to catch most spam activity, and if you are reported for spamming, your account will be deleted.

5: Do not attempt to gain access to another account or impersonate another member in the forums.
Your login is your own identifier in the forums and you should not share your password with anyone. Registering for this site is free and easy and there is no reason to share an account. You should not log in as someone else and speak for them in the forums, and likewise, you are not permitted to create an account with the purpose of impersonating another user.

6: Do not claim a protected title unless you have that title.
If you are not a licensed optician and you have made an account, you are not permitted to claim to be an “RO” or an “RCLP” as these are protected titles in Alberta. The title section of the registration is meant to inform other users of your scope of practice and the kind of knowledge you can be expected to have when answering questions.

7: The ACAO reserves the right to ban.
If we receive complaints about conduct or behaviour, we reserve the right to delete any account, whether in violation of the above stated or in violation of some other rules that are not explicitly mentioned, but a user should reasonably be expected to anticipate.

No Such Thing as Private

Although there is a certain degree of privacy afforded for some actions on this site (for instance, private messages and hidden groups can’t be seen by other site participants) please be aware that the site administrator can see every conversation that takes place. In general, we will not be monitoring discussions unless we’re alerted to a violation of the rules, but the information IS accessible from the back end of the website.

It is because we are unable to turn off this feature that we want to reiterate that you should not post any identifying information about yourself or your patients anywhere on this site. If someone gained unauthorized access to our administration account, everything you write would be available for them to read.

We recommend not using the hidden groups for anything that you wouldn’t want someone else to see, and if you need to have a truly private conversation, arrange to do so on a more secure messaging platform. The main purpose of this website is to connect you with your peers and offer a space to discuss topics that may not be interesting to non-opticians, but are still not private in nature.

Are you a member of the public?

This forum site is for opticians and students in the optical field, and is not meant as a place for the public to communicate with opticians. If you are a member of the public and you have questions, concerns, or you need to file a complaint, visit our main website at acao.ca, or contact the Alberta College and Association of Opticians at:

Phone: 780-429-2694
Toll Free: 1-800-263-6026
Fax: 780-426-5576
Toll Free Fax: 1-800-584-6896
Email: general@acao.ca
Address: 201, 2528 Ellwood Dr. SW, Edmonton, AB, T6X 0A9